Men's Products


I just wanted to let you know that your products are fantastic, I use a lot of men’s care products, I’m even an ambassador for a beard oil company and member of several beard groups, anyway, your soap is great, don’t need to do more than get it wet and it produces an awesome lather, light scent that does not clash with the moisturizer or oils and just leaves you smelling fresh/clean and not overtly “manly” or like cologne. The moisturizer is smooth, a little goes a long way and is not like a typical lotion consistency but leaves the skin hydrated and soft. The balm melts nicely in your hand and is soft, easy scooped out with no more than a finger nail push, it has what I would describe as a medium hold without leaving your beard looking or feeling waxed or over styled. The oils have nice scents in the bottle and even nicer once they are warmed in your hand and put in beard, it is again what I would consider a medium oil, not thin but not thick either, which is good, leaves the beard feeling full and soft to touch even right after application. The whole regimen together is fantastic and very relaxing for someone who is wanting to take the time to do self care and feel good afterwards. 
~ Tess & Anthony Ellis