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What sort of items get put in The Buzz Boxes?          

Buzz Boxes contain a variety of memorabilia and collectibles, some old, some new, some handmade, & some fan made.    
Can I choose what will be in my Buzz Box each month?             

We're trying to create a monthly experience based around a fandom theme, and each box has a variety of wonderful items from different fandoms. We're hopeful you'll love everything in each month's box; if you don't, we suggest gifting those items to a friend who would appreciate that particular fandom more. Our goal is to create a fandom feeling each month and we want you to be surprised by your Buzz Box! 

Can we get spoilers?                

We are a mystery box, so you may occasionally see a hint on our social media, but we do want you to be surprised when you get your Buzz Box! Our hints will not be super-revealing, for those who would like to maintain the mystery surrounding each box!      

Could one of my products be featured in Buzz Box?                              

Yes, send an email to and we'll see if your product is a good fit for us!

When does Buzz Box get sent out each month?

Your box will be shipping as soon as you pay the invoice.                                                                                                             

How much does a subscription cost?                                         

Month-to-month subscriptions are $15 per month and we guarantee that each box has a retail value of more than $40.                                                                               

Do subscriptions auto-renew? For instance, if I signed up in June, and want to continue to get Buzz Box, am I automatically signed up for the July box?                                               

Yes, our subscriptions auto-renew. Customers will be given notice to opt out of a shipment (if they want to skip a month) prior to the re-billing date each month. If you do not opt out, then you are automatically signed up to receive the next month, until you choose to skip a month or cancel your subscription!                                                

When will I be billed for each month's box?   

You will be billed the first week of each month for that month's box. Once payment is received we then ship that box.    


Can I skip a shipment?

Yes, you can skip a shipment. if you do not like a month's theme by simply letting us know you want to skip that month.