About Us

Hi my name is Melissa! I'm the face behind Sweet Melissa's. My business started years ago selling handmade jewelry out of a suitcase to all of my friends & family. I then decide to make it a storefront shop in downtown Silsbee, TX next to the movie theater. I then migrated over to Kountze Trade Days and set up a building over there but unfortunately after a few years the trade days ended and I had to move to a home based business. Since then my business has grown online to a worldwide customer base. I offer a variety of unique gift items for any occasion. Jewelry, bath & body, kids items, candy, crystals, clothing, hats, and fandom merchandise. I can customize for you, too! I am so proud of what I have created and I know I couldn't have done it without the support and love from all of my customers, shop reps, friends & family!
Mission Statement
To continue our dedication to providing a unique range of products, exceptional customer service, and great experiences.
Why we exist?
We see opportunities everywhere! In other words, we have a positive opportunity mindset. We see the potential for growth in every corner of our business.
What makes our shop different?
We sell various product ranges that appeal to different customer groups, with gender, age, celebration or personal interest.